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We’re better together

Team-based approaches to project delivery take collaboration from an overused buzzword to a meaningful opportunity to increase value and decrease risk on projects.

Improve the process, improve the project

Just like teams can use Building Information Modeling to improve design quality and prefabrication to improve construction quality, owners can use team-based project delivery to amp up their overall project quality.

While traditional project delivery methods are set up for winners and losers, team-based approaches to project delivery are set up for the team to win collectively. Key players from both the design and construction teams are on board from the start, working together toward common project goals. Teams benefit from knowledge sharing, so that the right people have the right information at the right time to make more effective decisions. They can proactively identify and manage major project risks - decreasing risk for everyone, especially the owner.

We’ve seen how collaborative project delivery lets teams stop worrying about finger-pointing and stay focused on doing their best work. We’d love to help foster that atmosphere on your next project.

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You have options for collaborative project delivery

Team-based project delivery can take shape in many different ways. The most common options are Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), design-build, Lean, and design-assist. Each approach has its own flavor:

  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is the most collaborative of project delivery methods, defined by its contract, process, and culture.
  • Design-build is also a delivery method. With a contract structure that brings designers and contractors under one agreement, it can be a path to highly-collaborative project delivery.
  • Lean is both a methodology and a mindset, where teams add value to projects by increasing efficiency and decreasing waste. It’s comprised of a culture, tools, processes, and a way of thinking about project delivery. Lean is an important part of IPD projects, and owners can also apply Lean to more traditionally-delivered projects.
  • Design-assist is a delivery tool, where trade partners join the team while design is underway. They add their expertise in a variety of ways, from identifying hidden field conditions to providing input on constructability. Owners can apply design-assist to varying degrees with both traditional (e.g., design-bid-build) and collaborative delivery methods.

Check out this post by Karpinski President Jim Cicero, PE, and Principal Rocco Gallo to learn more about each approach.

We’ve worked with collaborative project delivery for more than a decade, and we’ve seen how teams can come together, provide more value, have more fun in the process.

We’re looking forward to working with you, too.

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