Arts Center

Seton Hill University | Greensburg, Pennsylvania


  • Studios and Workshops

    Support students’ creative endeavors

  • Exposed MEPT Systems

    For a modern industrial feel

  • Off-Campus Location

    Brings students into the surrounding community

Making design visible

Seton Hill University’s new Arts Center brings together several creative disciplines under one roof. The 46,000 SF Center provides students a huge variety of creative opportunities. It includes art studios, galleries, metal and clay workshops, a woodshop, welding labs, dance studios, a performance theater, art therapy spaces, and classrooms. It also features an outdoor art yard.

Open space is an important component of the design, allowing students to see one another’s work. They can also see how the building is put together, with exposed MEPT systems throughout. Plus, with the Center’s downtown, off-campus location, it makes the arts more visible to the surrounding community.

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