Knowlton Center for Math and Science

Baldwin-Wallace University | Berea, Ohio

Study Lounge

  • Designed for Hands-On Learning

    Over a dozen specialty labs

  • Multi-Functional

    Classrooms, faculty offices, study lounges, forum staircase

  • Energy Efficient Design

    VAV air handlers, demand-control ventilation, LED lighting, daylight harvesting

  • $25 M

    Project Cost

  • 55,000

    Square Feet

A STEM building designed for hands-on learning in high-tech spaces.

The Knowlton Center is a state-of-the-art facility built for hands-on learning, offering over a dozen specialized labs like a fab lab, robotics lab, and data visualization lab. It also houses classrooms, faculty offices, and meeting spaces. The building’s MEPT systems are tailored to meet the unique needs of these labs, including HVAC systems for safety and flexibility, a separate data network for computer science students, and a strong focus on quality and energy-efficiency with features like LED lighting and demand-control ventilation.

The Knowlton Center emphasizes quality and energy-efficiency. It incorporates VAV air handlers and LED lighting, along with specialized features like daylight harvesting and customized A/V systems for diverse learning needs. The building also boasts a robust technology infrastructure with incoming fiber, Wi-Fi, and an emergency generator for both safety and data support.

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