Fairview Hospital Emergency Department & ICU Addition

Cleveland Clinic | Cleveland, Ohio

Trauma Room

  • 153,000 SF

    And two floors

  • More Privacy

    In ICU and ED rooms

  • Mass Decontamination Space

    For emergency preparedness

  • ICU Corridor Lighting

    Mimics the day/night cycle to promote sound sleep

  • 100%

    Wifi coverage

Innovative spaces for patient care

Fairview Hospital’s new emergency department and ICU adds much-needed capacity for emergency care and updated, private rooms for intensive care. The facility includes a first-floor adult and pediatric emergency department and a second-floor ICU, as well as a new, streamlined building entry.

The ED and ICU provide innovative and energy-saving spaces for patient care. The award-winning ICU corridor lighting is designed to help patients recover: It mimics daylight in order to help patients maintain their circadian rhythm. The custom mass decontamination space, built into the ambulance parking bay, was designed for fast setup in case of an emergency. The technology system was designed for 100% wifi coverage, and a distributed antenna system boosts cellular signals within the facility.

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