Eaton Center

Eaton Corporation | Cleveland, Ohio

Eaton Center

  • Square footage


  • Ultra high-efficiency

    Heating and cooling production

  • Open- and closed-office spaces

    Along with meeting rooms, dining, and video conferencing

  • Experience Center

    Displays Eaton products and functions as part of the building’s power distribution system

  • Electric car chargers

    Allow drivers to power up in the parking garage

The glass-faced Eaton Center – with its 10-story tower and two 5-story wings – is designed for aesthetics and energy efficiency.

At 606,000 SF, Eaton Center contains a mix of open- and closed-office spaces, as well as a video conference room, a two-story classroom, meeting rooms, dining facilities, and an outside terrace. Its five-story glass atrium is an aesthetic centerpiece. Eaton is a global power management company, and within the atrium, an Experience Center displays Eaton products – which simultaneously function as part of the building’s power distribution system.

Karpinski Engineering provided MEPT and fire protection design for the project, which also included a freestanding parking garage with an attached, 30,000-SF fitness and wellness center.

Sustainability was a design priority, and energy-efficient features have been incorporated throughout Eaton Center.

  • The building is oriented to maximize daylighting and winter solar heat gain; a combination of solar and occupancy sensors help coordinate interior lighting with the amount of daylight available.
  • The building features automatic window shades, which are programmed to rise or lower based on the time of day and day of the year.
  • HVAC systems include ultra high-efficiency heating and cooling production and heat recovery systems.
  • Solar panels provide about 3% of the building’s electrical energy.
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures are used throughout the building to reduce building water use.
  • Electric car chargers in the parking garage allow drivers to power up.

Energy modeling projected the Eaton Center’s energy use savings at 24.75% (24.59% energy cost savings).

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