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Learning is a dynamic process. We help you design educational environments to match, for early learners to experienced researchers and every stage in between.

Karpinski Engineering consistently ranks as one of the
top university and K-12 school engineering firms in the U.S.

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Higher education: Shaping the student experience

In today’s competitive higher education landscape, the campus environment plays an important role in attracting students and faculty. We work with you to create spaces that make students and faculty say “Wow.”

Our experience extends across the college campus, from research laboratories to residence halls and from student centers to central plants. We develop user-focused designs, asking what students and faculty need from their spaces. We’re experienced with the latest building systems and technologies, so we can walk you through your options and help you make strong selections.

We know that keeping a busy campus in motion is no small feat. Yet higher education institutions are often working with a limited number of facility staff and limited operating budgets. They can face a lot of pressure to keep systems running smoothly and control costs. Those needs are top-of-mind as we work with clients on new building design or MEPT system upgrades. We discuss your energy and sustainability targets, and we talk about maintenance needs. We recommend systems and technologies that can improve your facilities’ functionality. We’re attentive to the safety and well-being of students, suggesting opportunities to enhance system reliability and resilience.

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K-12 education: Cultivating learning, discovery, and community

When you build a school, you’re making a lasting investment in your community. Classrooms and labs, gyms and auditoriums, cafeterias and media centers - these spaces will influence the education of generations of students. From preschool to high school, let’s make the learning environment a great one.

We help you develop student-friendly spaces, whether you’re designing a new school or upgrading your existing facility. With today’s schools supporting a variety of classroom arrangements and teaching styles, we work with you to incorporate the level of flexibility and comfort your students and teachers need. And with the role that technology plays in education, we can help you plan technology systems that are wired for today and ready for tomorrow.

We also understand how important energy efficiency and ease-of-operation are for schools. You’re building for the long-term, and you need a design to match. When it comes to efficiency, we have a track record of helping schools develop sustainable designs. In fact, we have more than 20 LEED certified schools in our portfolio. We also look out for the facility staff, favoring maintenance-friendly systems and straightforward design solutions that they’ll be comfortable with.

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I have worked on projects across the U.S., and Karpinski has the best engineers I have ever met.

Aparna Bapu,
Aparna Bapu Consulting, LLC

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