Karpinski Engineering’s Director of Commissioning Named to Johnson Controls Advisory Council

Aug 30, 2023

Karpinski Engineering’s Director of Commissioning, Brian Tenney, has joined the Johnson Controls HVAC & Controls Advisory Council, a select group comprising key figures from Johnson Controls’ leadership team and experts in building systems operations and facility management nationwide.

This council is an integral component of a broader strategic effort aimed at fostering greater cohesion and collaboration within the industry, with the goal of supporting building operators, owners, and facility managers in achieving sustainable outcomes within the built environment. The Advisory Council convenes quarterly to deliberate on industry-relevant topics, including decarbonization, electrification, and resiliency, through structured discussions and presentations.

James T. Cicero, PE, LEED AP, President of Karpinski Engineering, said, “Participation in this Council is an outstanding means to advance the industry and effectively implement more sustainable practices within the built environment.”

Brian Tenney JCI Advisory Council
“Brian’s extensive knowledge of HVAC and controls positions him as an invaluable resource and a thought leader for addressing the challenges confronting building operators and facility managers.”

– James T. Cicero, PE, LEED AP, President

As the Director of Karpinski Engineering’s Commissioning practice, Brian Tenney brings 28 years of experience to empower building owners and facility staff in achieving their building performance objectives. With his profound grasp of mechanical systems and building automation, Brian excels at translating design intent into real-time system operations. He possesses the expertise to discern client needs, comprehend designer intentions, and verify contractor workmanship.

Brian boasts a track record of crafting solutions that yield quantifiable enhancements in building performance. His hands-on experience spans various facets of the field, ranging from conducting energy audits to adjusting control systems and overseeing system installation and service. He is a recognized authority in optimizing and troubleshooting HVAC control systems. Brian joined Karpinski in 2021.

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