Karpinski Engineering Direct Mailer Takes First Place in SMPS Marketing Communications Awards Category

Aug 02, 2013

Puzzle mailer

Karpinski Engineering’s puzzle-piece mailer earned the firm a top spot in the direct mail category of the 36thAnnual Marketing Communications Awards, held by the Society for Marketing Professional Services. This is the second award for Karpinski Engineering, who placed third in the direct mail category in 2007.

The puzzle design is a result of the marketing team’s intent to create an informative, memorable campaign that could deliver a profile of Karpinski Engineering while also maintaining expectation for subsequent puzzle pieces. Each piece, mailed separately, could stand alone to illustrate the firm’s capabilities, while also contributing to an overall message of promoting sustainability.

The audience included more than 600 current and prospective owners, architects, contractors, and peers. Delivery of individual pieces was spread out over 18 months. Each puzzle was printed, die cut, and sorted by recipient so that, when assembled, pieces would fit perfectly together.

Lisa Wilding, Creative Designer and Photographer with Karpinski Engineering, came up with the puzzle concept and executed the design.

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