COVID-19 Update: Karpinski Offices Open, Safe Environment Guidelines in Place

Jul 23, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we remain focused on our primary goal: to provide a safe environment for our staff, clients, and neighbors.

At present, all of Karpinski Engineering’s offices are open on a limited basis. We continue to follow the relevant guidelines issues by the federal government/CDC, state, and local governments. As guidelines change, we will adapt. For questions about whether one of our offices is open, please contact us.

We continue to take the following approach, particularly as it relates to our work with clients:

  • Staff are returning to the office on a volunteer basis, and we are not requiring any of our employees to return to the office. Our remote work plan is working well, and many of our staff continue to work remotely.
  • We are starting to allow visitors on a limited basis. Procedures are in place for safe visits.
  • However, we continue to encourage virtual meetings.
  • Our staff is permitted to conduct essential business travel where necessary.
  • For site field work and construction site visits, our staff will follow recommended social distancing guidelines, as well as the specific procedures of the business or site they are visiting.

Brian David, PE, LEED AP
Principal, Director of Operations


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