Karpinski Engineering Adds “Summer on the Cuyahoga” to Internship Offerings

Jul 11, 2022

Innovative program opens eyes...and possibilities

For the first time, Karpinski Engineering is participating in a unique internship program designed to attract outstanding talent from beyond Northeast Ohio. “Summer on the Cuyahoga” is an initiative administered by nine regional universities and local participating corporations. SOTC’s goal is to introduce students from outside the region to the professional, civic, and social offerings of the Cleveland area.

Karpinski is sponsoring Cornell University junior Veda Balte. A Staten Island resident, she is pursuing her Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. Veda says, “This is the first time I’ve been out of the New York City area, and now I’m exploring a whole new world.” She and 50 other interns are housed on the Case Western Reserve University campus. Her roommates are from California, New Orleans, and (ironically) Brooklyn.

“The Summer on the Cuyahoga program helps make Cleveland and Northeast Ohio a better place,” says Principal and Director of Operations Brian David, who oversees the internship program. “We were planning to give it a trial run a few years ago…and then Covid hit. This summer was the perfect time to throw our hat back into the ring. We’re happy Veda decided to give the program a shot.”

Several Karpinski interns recently participated in a punch list visit to a near-completed project in Oberlin, Ohio. “The best kind of learning is through work experience,” Veda observes. “This Karpinski internship helps me connect the classroom’s computer-focus with the practical application. It makes so much more sense after seeing a drawing become a building.”

Veda Punch Visit June2022 tight

On site at the new Firelands High School facility: interns Albert Wilhelmy (CWRU), Veda Balte (Cornell University), Sam Lecian (Ohio State), Lauren Anderson (Cleveland State) and Engineer Zarek Headrick (Karpinski)

The SOTC program includes local activities evenings after work and on weekends, including the beach, a Guardians baseball game, a visit to the Rock Hall, and even a hiking excursion to Chagrin Falls. “We’ve only been here for three weeks, and I’m almost feeling like a local.” Veda previously interned for and is currently a freelancer for the American Management Association in Manhattan. She is active in Cornell IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Alpha Omega Epsilon Engineering Sorority, Women’s Leadership Initiative, and other pro-social industry-focused organizations.

After being surprised of all that Ohio has to offer, Veda says relocating to the area after graduation is now a definite possibility. As for her advice to others considering an SOTC internship? “One hundred percent take it! Get out of your comfort zone. Grow as a person. This is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

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