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From Classroom to Clinic: Developing Spaces for Medical Education

Enrollment in health professions programs has reached an unprecedented high. Designing spaces for future physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals requires careful planning to accommodate growth and provide an optimal environment for learning, collaboration, and skill development.

Within classrooms, simulated learning spaces, and laboratories, students connect with new ideas and established knowledge. They examine evidence, debate issues, and explore possibilities.

Developing medical education spaces is an opportunity to touch hundreds, even thousands of lives. It’s a responsibility to steward resources for this generation and the next. And it’s a privilege to contribute to these future health professionals’ education and growth.

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Medical Education Projects

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Hands-On Education: Simulation Labs

Some things, you need to learn by doing. That’s where hands-on spaces – like healthcare simulation labs – come into play. Students get to set aside their textbooks and try things out for themselves.

As they experiment with high-tech equipment, brainstorm, prototype medical devices, and explore entrepreneurial opportunities in healthcare, student-friendly design is a must. By understanding when and how equipment will be used, the design team can create layouts that work for practice as well as teaching. Where the equipment requires it, the right HVAC systems maintain air quality. Flexible power layouts can accommodate new technologies, while appropriate safety measures help guard against mishaps. And proper lighting helps students stay focused on their work.

The end result: spaces where career training and innovation come to life.

Laboratories that Last

Science and engineering laboratories are diverse spaces. They serve undergraduates learning subjects like chemistry and physics. They are home to graduate students pursuing game-changing discoveries in fields like polymers and bioengineering. They support faculty who have devoted their careers to pioneering research.

Successful lab projects balance dozens of priorities. Flexibility is key for campuses that want to easily adapt their spaces as new technologies emerge or programming needs change. Space sharing among different disciplines helps institutions maximize square footage and streamline costs. Energy-saving strategies might drive design decisions when campuses have energy benchmarks to meet.

For every lab project, strong planning and collaboration is foundational. Goals, expectations, and aspirations all need to be on the table, so the project team can create the labs that best serve both students and faculty.

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The Karpinski team is strong, with principals and leaders providing direction, expert knowledge, and purposeful interaction. Our firm is rooted in healthcare and higher education projects and our team has blended the two together to develop deep medical education, health sciences, and laboratory experience.

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