All in a day’s work.
And then some.

It’s not about punching a clock. It’s about creating an environment that team members want to be a part of. Opportunities to grow, experiences to be had. Karpinski actively strives to offer more.

  • Over 400,000 Meals Provided

    Our annual Harvest for Hunger Campaign has helped the hungry in our communities

  • We Like to Help

    From Toys for Tots to coat drives to blood drives, we give back to our community

  • Hometown Pride

    Our offices love their sports teams and show support with spirit wear days and office tailgates

  • Zero Oscars

    We have fun producing comedic movies for our holiday party - someday, they might even be nominated for an award

  • 4 Golden Ladle Awards

    Our Cleveland staff competes for the coveted Golden Ladle in our annual chili cook-off


A culture of continuous learning

In an industry that’s always advancing, we want to do more than keep up. We want to lead the way. From the newest intern to the most seasoned engineer, our team is continually learning and growing. We’re not shy about sharing our knowledge, either.

Opportunities abound, whether it’s working one-on-one with a mentor, learning the technical ins and outs of a new system at our in-house Karpinski Engineering University (KEU), presenting at industry conferences, participating in professional organizations, or earning a new credential. We invest in our team and we give back to our industry.

KE Staff Giving Back


Little things can make a big difference

Just like our engineering makes a difference in our communities, our people do too. From volunteering at the food bank to donating to a toy drive, we’ve had the chance to help make someone’s day a little brighter.

Over the years, we’ve raised more than $100,000 for local food banks through our annual Harvest for Hunger campaign. Through chili cook-offs, jeans days, our signature happy hour, and more, we’ve brought people together to support our neighbors in need.

We also support the education of future engineers: Karpinski has teamed up with two colleges to sponsor scholarships for engineering students, and we’ve contributed to others. We care about the AEC industry, and we want to help students discover and enter the field.


What can we say? We’re fun (and funny) people

Whether it’s a rare solar eclipse or a round of promotions, we find reasons to get together and have a good time!

In Pittsburgh, you might join the team for their ice cream sundae intern send-off, while in Akron-Canton, you could find yourself playing an inning of donut baseball (who said there’s no use for stale donuts?). The Columbus team has raced go-carts and gone axe-throwing together. The Jamestown office sponsors a miniature golf hole to raise money for a local library, while the Cleveland team has turned the office into a miniature golf course (with a special prize for the highest score).

Our offices come together each year for the Karpinski Christmas party, where we socialize and celebrate achievements. Staff nominations are the starting point for our annual Outstanding Performance Award, which goes to an individual who does an exceptional job representing Karpinski’s core values.

KE Staff Having Fun

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