Douglas A. Barnes


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Areas of Focus

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Laboratories
  • Building & Campus Infrastructure

Douglas A. Barnes


For Doug Barnes, engineering is a natural extension of his curiosity about how things work. He thrives on the variety and depth his role calls for, as he collaborates with clients on project design and manages engineering at the Pittsburgh office.

As an engineer, Doug’s sweet spot is the technically challenging project – whether it involves large infrastructure, complex phasing, or high-tech applications. He brings a balanced perspective to his design, knowing when to dig into the details and when to look at the big picture at each phase of a project.

As deeply involved as he gets in the technical details, Doug never forgets the people who are part of the project, whether it’s a teammate on the construction team or the person he’s designing the space for.


  • Corresponding Memeber, ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.6 Healthcare Facilities


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