What do you want from your career?

More interesting projects. More opportunities to lead. More support and mentorship. These are the kinds of things that draw experienced professionals to Karpinski Engineering.

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Shape your next step

At Karpinski, you can develop your unique blend of skills and interests to take your career to the next level.

  • Are you someone who thrives on technical work?

    Here, you can dive deep into technically sophisticated projects. Our team develops leading-edge solutions and untangles our clients’ trickiest engineering challenges.

  • Are you looking to lead?

    At Karpinski, staff members are leaders inside and outside the office. They guide project teams from kick-off to closeout. They nurture client relationships and develop new business. They mentor junior staff, helping them to grow as engineers and professionals.

  • Thrive in a supportive team environment?

    At Karpinski, you’ll find the people and resources to help you grow. You’ll be able to tap into your colleagues’ expertise and share your own. You’ll work alongside people who consider helping others to be an essential part of their work.

“There’s a very inviting and welcoming atmosphere that Karpinski provides, and that’s because of the people. They’re always willing to help teach and help explain. We work as a team and we produce projects as a team…that’s what makes us successful in what we do.”
-Joe Hofstetter, PE, CEM, LEED AP, Principal

Ready to make your move?

When you’re an established professional, a career move can be a big decision. You give careful thought to whether you want to make a change, whether the timing is right, and what your next move needs to look like. We get it.

Our current openings are listed below. See something that sounds right? Submit your information and let’s start a conversation. If you don’t see an opening in your discipline, but you’re interested in joining the Karpinski team, we invite you to check out the “Future KE Team Member” listing and submit your application.

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